lugar donde se desarrollan inteligencias artificiales.

Inglés y español. Más idiomas en un futuro próximo!

Ever wanted to have a pet monster? Like the Pokémon or the Digimon?
Gifted with emotional intelligence and able to learn from you? Your friend who can take care of you when you need it and never separate from your side?
HerenWorld, is building animatronic robots, with the implementation of Dialogflow artificial intelligence, conversational technology.
This in a few words is a project which will create a mini ecosystem for a small plant inside a robot with the appearance of a fantastic creature, this silver inside the robot will be connected to multiple sensors that will determine the actions and behavior of the machine, asking in this way for water to feed and thus provide the plant with its watering … Among other things, the project is not limited to having a smart pet, but it is intended to make these robots detect water pollution and they can be purified by converting any contaminated water into drinking water for human consumption in a matter of seconds. Learn and teach information of any kind, converse with lonely people … Detect lost people through facial recognition .. recycle organic matter to create natural fertilizers inside.
To give them a name they would be known as the Vegetable Vegetbots robots! …
The Vegetbots can be used in countless jobs. How trades where you need the care of gardens, forests or natural parks …
In HerenWorld, it is intended to introduce the Vegetbots into ecosystems which will present natural irregularities, which would have to be studied and thus enter dangerous areas, without any danger to humans, and retransmitting and saving everything that Vegetbot’s eyes observe. !
Loosed by a forest monitored by any environmental company could have the entire area taken care of, since the main mission of all Vegetbot, is to take care of the environment and the creatures that live there!
In order to make the project a reality, the database of artificial emotional intelligence is being created, which will be known as HerenWorld, the knowledge library of all Vegetbots and everything related to the progress of this project!
As in any new project of such ambitious magnitudes as technological projects of this type, you need a financing that covers, the basic needs in Tools, materials and budgets for third-party software … How to pay for permits, among many other things that are they must have covers … While HerenWorld, is dedicated to the development of new applications for the Vegetbots project. The product store on the HerenWorld website is responsible for a part of financing, which means that by selling the product itself, we can finance this idea of ​​the future. (Who did not want to know the opinion of Mother Earth at some point? Well, now it is possible giving her a conscience of artificial emotional intelligence conversational !!!! Connected has sensors that makes her express what she feels!

On this website you will be able to see countless examples of similar projects and how this is possible by having all of you learn about the subject, in a place where we will teach everything about artificial intelligence!
Follow the web, joining us!
Browse to know everything we have to offer in HerenWorld !!!

Vegetbot en construcción. Shashaeco


HerenWorld I.A



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